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Need Some Help And Advice From Those Who Been There

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Me a few friends are trying to plan a trip up to Alaska to do some dredging. None of us have ever been to Alaska but we have dredged in the lower 48. We are trying to find some resources on where we my be able to rent dredges and if it worth the risk of trying the public off shore mining area in Nome. We are also trying to find some information on the major placer producing rivers in Alaska that might help point us in the correct direction to start our search for a spot.

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Been there, done that. :)


The biggest problem with mining at Nome is weather. This summer, there were only a few days that anyone could get on the water.


My story from a few years ago, reflects the same issue; weather. I got set up on East Beach. Waiting for morning and in the middle of the night, the beach is flooded by a Bering Sea storm. I managed to move everything up on the bank next to the shoulder of the road. So, imagine having $10,000 worth of dredging gear sitting next to the road at night, in a storm. Anyway, I moved my operation to the interior.


There's lots of good deals right now on equipment in Nome. Folks that "been there, done that" and gettin' out of town.


Sounds like you're doing your planning early. That's good!


- Geowizard

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sounds like a adventure, are you getting ATVs? If not you will be confined to a lot less areas, you need at least a 4x4 pickup. Pm manvsgold or look up his videos on you tube, he did what you want to do. I helped a guy I met from Hawaii, in my area and he brought 2 buddies with. They purchased everything here in Alaska. Long story short, it wasn't very easy for them, sold equipment and some sitting in my yard. Get online, call Alaska DNR, that's a good start, you will have alot of leg work for yourself, even if someone here helps you. Good luck and I hope to here your progress throughout the winter.

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