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Reno Chris

Mineral Identification

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Minerals are identified by a number of characteristics. Hardness, crystal shape, clevage, color, etc.

Unfortunately, color is the least reliable as many minerals have colors similar or the same as others.

Clevage and crystal shape can be seen in hand specimens in person, but can sometimes be hard to see in photos.


If you have any minerals you were wondering about, I'd be happy to take a crack at identifying them. I'll give it my best shot, but sometimes however its just not possible from a photo.

So if you want to post a mineral, give me the best picture or pictures that you can, close but not blurry (cell phones are notorious for producing blurry close ups).


Here is one I think you all can identify:


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Found this in an abandoned mine in Big Bear Ca area......shaft is about 100 ft long and has veins of green...blue...jasper....quartz and other I can't identify....the blue and greens are very soft and fall apart easily...crumbly until it is exposed to the air then after some time it begins to harden....the entire inside of this mine shaft will easily break off big or small sections....some very hard material as well.

Is a family owned claim where as in the 1940's produced nearly 180 oz of gold but no records since....looked for a time for that gold vein ....everything else but....

Just wondering if you can give me any idea at all of what this pic can tell you...

I will post other pics when I find them

Thank you

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