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So I have been prospecting fulltime for a few years now with some good success. I work with hand tools mostly.. I really enjoy my life and the freedom's it brings..


This year has been by far the best year in gold for me and I am excited for next year...  For me Prospecting ain't a Job it is a way of life..  I consider myself a fulltime prospector / part time miner..  Anyway I have been CRACKIN for about 5 years now and it is my preferred method of prospecting and one of the most profitable.  I have lived by the words  "Let the gold dictate the equipment"  and it seems a Pan Spoon Hammer Chisel is all I need..  Anyway All I hope all is having a  Merry Christmas and Happy new year.. Look forward to talking shop with you all..



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hope you wear eye protection, flying debris could ruin a good day! Have you thought of trying a dewalt cordless vacuum? Their small one has a 1/2 gal tub on it, very small/portable and you could add all kinds of homemade hose reducers to it. I think its hose is 1" dia. Soothing videos to watch though, nice!!

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