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Eolian Placers

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Thanks for your article on Eolian placers in the latest edition of the ICMJ Chris. I appreciate some real knowledge on this deposit type being passed on.


Too often I have  encountered eager prospectors in the desert digging for bedrock because they found a few surface pickers. Eolian placers are not uncommon in these desert surrounds and although they are not marked with blinking signs the desert pavement surface is a good indication they may be present.


We get a lot of prospectors in the Arizona desert areas that are still looking for the "inside of the bend" when hydrology is the least of the concentrating methods found here. Once they understand that the placers tend to be shallow, small and localized they become more successful at finding gold. Your article will be a benefit to those of us who would like to see less effort put into unproductive desert prospecting methods.


I spent a day in Quartzsite last week showing a friend from California the possibilities for desert prospecting and I wish I had your article then. It's hard to break wet country people of that habit of digging a deep hole when sign is found in the surface of the  desert pavement.


Thanks again, your knowledge and experience are appreciated.



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Hey, I resemble those remarks Barry. I will be sure to check out the article and try to quit thinking like a wet lander :-)

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