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John Ruckman

Looking For Hand Powered Rock Crusher Info

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RE: Picture of a hand powered rock crusher in the Jan/Feb 2014 Gold Prospector magazine, in column by kevin Hoagland titled "Hit and Run Prospecting".  It is tword the back of the magazine  I asked him about it and he said that he bought it used a long time ago but does not know the manufaturer.  He did say that his would adjust finer than the Crazy Crusher.  The picture he sent me was too big to fit this forum post.


If anybody knows anything about this crusher, or knows where I might get more information, please let me know.




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I thought I might throw a few ideas out.


The first one is just using a simple mortar and pestle. For sampling, a mortar and pestle can crush rock to about any specified size. I use screens and crush the oversize until it passes prescribed screens. The reason is to classify gold by size and also determine the size required for liberation of free gold.


The second option is to fabricate a crusher. Depending on the original size of your rock and the intended objective, several options are available. I always keep my eyes open for short sections of steel I-Beams. I-Beams can be used to create a pinch point like a big nut-cracker. A short section of large I-Beam can serve as a hard surface for crushing with a 2 pound sledge hammer. I place the rock in a zip-lock bag and crush it with successive blows with the hammer. The larger pieces usually are restrained by the baggie and the powder can be scraped off the flat surface for panning or chemical digestion or other assay or analysis.


I also have made a manual rock pulverizer out of a six inch section of eight inch steel casing welded to a flat steel plate. A four foot piece of 1" pipe with a cap screwed on the end can be used to mill down rock to any prescribed size. I made mine using a six foot long pipe so I could mill in a standing position. Using larger back muscles instead of smaller hand muscles makes a difference!


Back to the I-Beam, a similar form of steel is rail-road rail. On occasion, it is possible to come across 120 pound rail. This can be used to make a stamp mill. Depending on the amount of crushing and milling required, stamp mills can be grown to fit the most ambitious milling campaign!


- Geowizard

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I have helped out on a hand crank crusher built out of a old strait 4 jeep motor. we will try to find a picture. we replaced the head with 1 inch steel, cut holes into the block for feed and fines removal and replaced the piston/rod with a weight on a short cable. it needed some fine tuning but it did its job.

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