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Fun Video To Watch. 30+ Year Miner

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Sorry for posting this here but i didnt see a general chat or suggested videos area to post it.Move it if need be :)
Just something fun to watch :)
This is my roommate "damit dan."Hes been mining with heavy equipment in the woods of Alaska for over 30 years.He has pulled out many many thousands of ounces and the discovery channel has as asked me to shoot a few films of him for review. Here is the footage.Some good heavy equipment talk at the end to.If he does go to Gold Rush Alaska I cant image how it would go.Hes one crazy character. Let me know what you think of the footage.This is part 1 of 2 and 2 has some great gold mining stories about the old timers. Thanks for watching guys and happy gold hunting to all my mining friends!
Heres the link.Thanks for watching guys!


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