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Eric N

Slope Nd Sediment Transport

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Interesting university article on slope angle and sediment transport. Most of this deals with mountain streams.


The bed stability to abrupt failure aspect I found particularly interesting. I presumed that saltation increased in a more linear fashion until the whole bed was in motion. According to this study, I was wrong. That is the neat thing about science. Wrong isn't a big problem; staying wrong in light of compelling evidence to the contrary is.


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Universities provide rich playgrounds. :)


The behavior of sediments in sloped conditions is subject to many variables. The primary variable - outside the lab, is in the affect of sunspot activity.


In Alaska, for example, mountain slopes are exposed to more or less sun based on the division of sun energy (expressed in watts per square foot) which is related to the X and Y angular position to the sun. The relative angle and related heating when considering freeze-thaw cycles, cloud cover, precipitation, climate change which is affected by mankind and sun-spots ALL add up to cause an over-all effect on sediment transport.


I found in building sand castles, the collapse was not linear. The sand retains "structure" to a certain point. A lab provides controlled conditions. In nature the conditions are almost always random and unpredictable. Science and physics help us with understanding and solving problems that can be contained within parameters that afford calculation. When variables introduce random chance to the calculations, the results may have greater random probability than having a central basis for predictability.   


- Geowizard

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