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Randall S

Bison Model 7012 12 Channel Reflection/refraction Seismograph-Ebay

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I just saw a Bison 12 channel Seismograph with all the accessories on ebay for 5K complete with all the accessories.  There are 18 hours left to bid on this.  At this time I do not have the capital to jump on this and it's killing me.  But I wanted to let you know about it before it times out today.


The url:




Randy Seden

Simi Valley,CA

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That's a cool instrument to have. Prospectors need tools that can measure the distance to bedrock! :)


Seismic methods have been used for many years to measure the depth to bedrock and for measuring changes in the shape of formations in the earth. That's how they find "traps" that trap oil in oil exploration.


How can a seismograph find gold?


The short answer is it can find changes in the bedrock that form "traps" for gold! Examples include crevices and ridges.


- Geowizard

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