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Scott Harn - Editor

Largest Gold Prospecting Show In The United States

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Our 2014 Gold Prospecting and Mining Summit is shaping up to be the largest gold prospecting show in the United States.


We had to redesign the layout to accommodate more vendors and we still have additional vendors on the waiting list.


Recent additions:

  • More classes/lectures for beginners, including "Basic Prospecting Techniques" 
  • Dr. Thom Seal, former senior metallurgist for Newmont Mining, has been added to our list of speakers. He'll cover "Principles for Gravity Separation."
  • Exclusive underground mine tour for only $7 for attendees who arrive a day early.
  • County Mining Museum will be open for attendees Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Complete list of vendors is now posted online.

Our very own forum moderators -- Chris Ralph & Steve Herschbach -- will be lecturing.


I look forward to meeting many of our forum users at the show.  Stop by and say "Hello." 


It's still only $5 at the door (& the fairgrounds charges $5 parking).  Complete details are available on our Mining Summit page.




P.S. We still have a few slots open for our hands-on training classes, but they will be gone shortly.

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Speakers finalized for our Mining Summit, April 5 - 6, Placerville Fairgrounds, California:


Saturday, April 5


10:30am     How to Locate a Promising Location for Gold Prospecting by Don Robinson

11:30am     Staking and Holding Mining Claims by Chris Ralph

12:30pm     Current Regulations & Permitting by Charles Watson

  1:30pm     Consequences of Urbanizing Historic Mining Areas by Professor George Wheeldon

  2:30pm     Gold & Precious Metals by Leonard Melman

  3:30pm     Basic Gold Prospecting Techniques by Chris Ralph


Sunday, April 6


10:30am     Mineral Identification by Chris Ralph

11:30am     Claim Jumping & How to Protect Your Claims by Charles Watson

12:30pm     Metal Detecting for Gold by Steve Herschbach

  1:30pm     Setting Up a Placer Operation by Chris Ralph

  2:30pm     JUST ADDED: Principles for Gravity Separation by Dr. Thom Seal





JUST ADDED:  Dr. Thom Seal is a Professor of Mining, Mineral Processing and Metallurgical Engineering and the Director of the Institute for Mineral Resource Studies at the Mackay School of Mines in Reno, Nevada.

Thom is the former manager of metallurgical technology and was senior metallurgist for Newmont Mining. He is a professional engineer and mineral process engineer, and a qualified person as per Canadian Instrument 43-101.



Chris Ralph is our Associate Editor. Chris has worked for precious metal mining companies conducting both surface and underground operations, and has a degree in Mining Engineering from Nevada's Mackay School of Mines. He is an individual prospector who has been searching the hills of California and Nevada for many years, finding some nice gold and gems on many occasions. He has also detected in Australia, Burkino Faso and the Ivory Coast. Chris is based in Reno, Nevada.



Leonard Melman is our Financial Columnist. Leonard has been reporting on the financial markets for the Journal, with an emphasis on precious metals, since January 1986. Leonard draws on his previous experience as a securities and commodities broker, and he’s reported on mining operations on four continents. He’s also been a frequent speaker at mining investment conferences in Canada. Leonard lives in Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, Canada.



Don Robinson is a Senior Writer for ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal. He has over thirty years of full time mining, including underground and open pit placers, and hardrock under his belt. During these years, he served as a consultant, manager and superintendent of various projects, and he was also an assayer for Goldfields, Nevada. He has worked with multiple government agencies dealing with all aspects of mining. Don co-founded the Mother Lode Goldhounds, a California non-profit minerals education corporation, serving as its president for many years. Don is a California licensed blaster, and he resides in Foresthill, California. He's also the former National Champion in gold panning, with over 50 medals won in competitions.





Charles Watson is President and Chief Geologist for Advanced Geologic. Charles has over 30 years of academic and professional experience. He is a Qualified Person as per Canadian Instrument 43-101 and a California Professional Geologist.



Steve Herschbach is a Senior Writer for ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal. He is a life-long Alaskan, and an avid prospector and detectorist since 1972. He is a member of the Alaska Treasure Seekers, Chugach Gem & Mineral Society, Alaska Miners Association, Nevada Mining Association, and Northwest Mining Association.



George Wheeldon is a Professor of Geology, teaching at Folsom College in northern California. He has been a resident of northern California's geographically diverse and scenic El Dorado County since the early 1960s. There, he has pursued his boyhood passion for discovering how "stuff works" as he says, and especially for uncovering the secrets of Earth's foundation -- rocks.


More info on our Mining Summit page.

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top left corner is the beginning of the parking lot. This is the fairgrounds and we have a race track as well.Good parking.


They block off the parking at Raley's store and tow if caught parking there for events. FYI.


Long bldg along Placerville Dr. is the Mining Museum.

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Ok, no one has said anything so I'll say something.

It was a great show. Packed with vendors and visitors. I only was there Sat. and Sun. and sat in on Steve's talk on detecting. It was informative. They also had a screen outside for the overflow.

Met some people that I only know from the forums.

I was checking out some pinpointers when this couple walked up.. He says "what will it do on this" and held out the 2 pound "melted gold" cone that was featured on the cover of the ICMJ magazine a few months ago. I said "hey, let me hold that!"

It felt good and heavy. :-)

If you missed the show, go to the next one.

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Thanks guys, but the "kudos" should rightfully go to our magazine staff and writers, the speakers, volunteers from the Mother Lode Goldhounds and Gold Country Treasure Seekers, the Fergot family and the Kleiwer family who drove several hundred miles just to help, and my extended family who took time off from their regular jobs just to help out. Even my old high school friend Mike flew in from Oregon to lend a hand, and my Aunt Marian (who worked for the Journal in the '60s) helped Saturday and Sunday.  


Yes, I put a lot of hours into organizing the event, but I've learned that you make yourself look good by surrounding yourself with good people.  Most of our readers think we have a large staff in the office, but there's only four of us on most days. Pulling off something this large would be impossible without all of the excellent volunteers.


Regarding the "next" show, we are sticking to an every other year schedule.  It literally takes us over six months to put the whole thing together, and if we tried to do it every year, I'm afraid my friends and family would no longer answer their phones when I call!!!



We are looking at mid-April 2016 for our next Gold Prospecting and Mining Summit.

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