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Mining Opportunity At Cobb Prospect, Alaska

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This is a unique opportunity and one that few will be able to take advantage of but I'm guessing that in this great group of readers there will be at least several who are able and willing.

I have underground permafrost placer claims north of Fairbanks, Alaska that are in the heart of historic and current gold rich territory. The prospect I am presently developing is likely to be quite rich based on gold left behind by the original prospectors 100 years ago and from known geologic reports and neighboring mine production. At this point I am working on bed rock at 67 feet and have the 2 original drifts nearly ready to follow, though in virgin gravel. My biggest issue is that I am currently working alone and that is not good for a number of reasons that I'm sure you can imagine. So, I am offering one of you out there an opportunity to come work with me. You would need to be free to pull up stakes and move to Alaska as this will be a long term adventure and you would need to be able to support yourself until such time as the gold we produce would be sufficient to provide for our needs and more. You would need to have a 4 wheeler for summer conditions and eventually a snow machine for winter [if you chose to stay on]. And very importantly you would need to be willing to work down underground in 29 degree temps [which is very comfortable when the above ground temperature is -30]. It would be helpful if you are mechanically inclined, inventive and resourceful, of easy going disposition and a non smoker.

If any of this sounds appealing to you write me and we can discuss the opportunity in full. Thanks, Kurt [write me at flintgd@aol.com]

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