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Peter Freedman

Is This Turqouise? Is It Worthwhile To Recover This Material From The Tailings?

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I am looking at a gold claim deep in the mountains of Colorado that hasn't been touched in over a 100 years. 


There appears to be abundant turquoise in the tailings. 


1) Is this in fact turquoise? or is it some copper sulfate compound?


2) Would having tailings of this material be of any value? eg. worth the effort to remove from the tailings?






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Really hard to tell from your pictures but there are a lot of blue/green stones that look like turquoise but aren't.  It looks like it might be malachite but again hard to tell from a picture.  Your best bet might be to take some of it to a local silversmith or gem shop and let them look at it first hand.  Bring numerous samples as some of it could be turquoise and some not.


I'm partners in several turquoise claims, very interesting stuff but I prefer gold!



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