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Poodle-Dog Bush

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There are a number of outdoor organizations such REI, Pacific Crest Trail Association, Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Association and several news papers advising folks about a plant commonly known as Poodle-Dog Bush. Apparently touching it will cause a significant allergic reaction and lucky us its range is limited to So. Cal. Please talk a few moments to read the following links all have some fairly good Poodle-Dog Bush pictures and info.


CORBA - http://www.corbamtb.com/news/2011/07/21/beware-the-poodle-dog-bush

PCTA - http://www.pcta.org/2013/poodle-dog-bush-warning-8891/

REI - http://www.rei.com/share/rei-blog/2013/04/poodle-dog-bush.html


Cheer, Beers, & Gold




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