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Gold Mining Brokerages

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Hello everyone,


Ive been scouring the net for some reputable and reliable mine brokerage firms.  I have been surprised that these are very hard to find using Google and mining specific websites.  Am I looking in the wrong places or are there simply not many of them out there?


A client of mine acquired a property in Montana and we are looking for a brokerage to do an independent review and acquire a buyer/partner. We want an established and respected firm.  They do not need to be Montana based, and preferable have connections with mine developers and companies.


Any referrals or suggestions on where to look or who to contact?


Thanks for any assistance and pointing me in the right direction.

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The other thing is that the market for exploration properties is really poor at the moment. Probably about the same as for half finished homes under construction in Phoenix in 2009 - cant hardly give them away for cost.

As Geowizard says, its not like the real estate market for homes where a broker does a comparison of what nearby homes have sold for. The value of a mining property is based on the ore it contains, and if there is no known, documented existing reserves, the value is based on potential. The potential is established by surveys done by geologists, not brokers.

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