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Raymond L

Plasma Gold Recovery

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There is much concern in routine gold refining in a controlled furnace about volatizing the gold into vapor or coating the inside of the furnace.


Taking the process to a higher level, forming a plasma, would introduce a larger realm of potential losses versus any practical expectation of increased recovery.


That's an opinion. I don't know of any one doing this or of any recent literature on the subject.


- Geowizard

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Its been known for more than a century that it does not take the level of heat achieved by plasma to release precious metals from sulfide ores. You can do it at room temperatures if you have the time. That's what happens to ores exposed at the surface of the earth to air and water. Smelting at a normal red heat accomplishes the release of precious metals in a matter of minutes. The technology to release precious metals from sulfide ores is neither unknown, mysterious or new. Big mining companies do this every day of the year. No big mining company uses plasma to heat these ores because its totally unnecessary, and plasma is expensive.


However "latent", "hidden" and other precious metals which cannot be seen by an assay or other standard testing methods is baloney. Testing sulfide ores by assay methods for their encapsulated precious metals was perfected more than 200 years ago. Its done every day by assay labs and mining companies all over the globe. If you cant see it in an assay, it isn't there. Period.


No amount of plasma heat will turn other elements into gold. Period.


I must say that I am highly skeptical of the Toss Plasma process and their whole business.

Ray, I would urge you to read this booklet:


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I don't know what your level of knowledge of chemistry is. You may be a genius. :)


I happen to realize that many real smart people including hundreds of real high IQ types are presently and have in the past worked on all of the possible means and methods of extractive metallurgy. Chemistry is a well defined science. Metallurgy and specifically, extractive metallurgy is a very well known science with doctoral types all over the world working on new processes to squeeze out more gold. There are fortunes to be made and fortunes to be saved for those that perfect the process. 


There are major metals mining companies that spend literally billions of dollars on recovering metals of all forms including gold. It is safe to say that the science of extractive metallurgy is well known and understood. The probability of an unknown company coming up with a new "proprietary" process that recovers gold contained in some sort of spheroid is so close to zero that I would call it zero probability. Particularly with the claims of "hidden gold". Gold recovery is a challenge. The challenges have been met with application of methods that use known science. Science is not a mystery. The science of chemistry and the use of chemicals and pyro extraction of gold has been studied to the fullest extent possible by real scientists that dedicate their lives to the subject.


Chris has provided you with a statement of his professional view.


Companies with new processes that come into being have teams of PhD's with a long list of established patents on their process. White papers are written on the subject matter including the "chemistry" that supports he process. The "new process" is published for "peer review".


- Geowizard  

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