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Greetings Geo,


You have my attention yet again. Very interesting topic and I probably should read Chris' Article before posting this but I just wanted to provide an example of the dilemma that most of us humble Prospectors face and for me at least, it can be summarized in a single word - INTERPRETATION.


For my area where I work I have just about everything that I could find which was available from the USGS and includes, but is not limited to, all of the following Maps / Surveys / Reports etc. etc. -


1. USGS Bulletins.

2. MinFile & Open File Reports.

3. Survey - Total Magnetic Field and Detailed ElectroMagnetic Anomolies - In Black & White showing Gamma Contours.

4. Survey - Total Magnetic Field - In Color, no Contours.   

5. Survey - Aeromagnetic. ( Yes, different to 3 & 4 above )

6. Survey - 7200 Coplanar Resistivity.

7. Geology of the Quadrangle. 

8. Topography of the Quadrangle.


And believe it or not, there were more Geophysical Surveys which I haven't had time to get to just yet so a special thanks should go out to the USGS for such a comprehensive effort. I wonder if they wouldn't mind dropping by my Claims next Summer to Interpret all the Data for me ? 


Getting back to the problem - INTERPRETATION. Obviously, I need to further educate myself in order to understand what on earth I am looking at. Enlisting the help of a Geologist seems to be the only option however, if you have some advice for us which is relatively easy to understand then we are all ears. Any and all suggestions are always most welcome as the Gold seems to have it's own way of staying hidden despite our best combined efforts.


Btw, I trust your Summer was a productive one up at Ophir.



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Yes, good point. Gold is not Magnetic but it is Conductive.


Speaking of Magnetometers, it's time for a Curve Ball. During this last Season, it was suggested to me that I get hold of a Magnetometer to help identify specific areas for potential Drill Targets. I naturally assumed that the primary role of the Magnetometer was to find areas of Black Sand concentrations.


Here's the Curve Ball -


I just finished Drilling in an area which had significant amounts of Black Sand, lot's of Silvery-grey stuff, but not a spec of Gold present. Another piece of advice I got after that was " Am I testing for Platinum ? " 


Any ideas ? Resistivity for example ?



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Sorry about the absence of replies. I am off to Work in a Gold Mine over the Winter so I've been quite busy with Paperwork and other preparation. I am very interested in this Topic and am still playing catch-up in regard to the dreaded INTERPRETATION so please excuse any dumb questions.


Before getting on to the above example of 9 sq. Miles, I am interested in better understanding the " Cool " description for Nekula and Specimen Gulch. For instance, I think I more or less get the idea with the Anomolies North of Nome. High Magnetic Reading, i.e. Hotter Colors such as the Pinks / Purples = possible Mineralization, Black Sand etc. however, if " Cool " / " Cooler " colors indicate an absence of, or quite Low Magnetic Readings, why would we bother to get excited about " Cool " colors ?


I've heard of intense Magnetic Lows being of interest, but wouldn't " Cool " to say " Luke-Warm " Colors / Readings form the bulk of the Non-Mineralized ground ? I apologize if that's a dumb question.


Moving on to the 9 sq. Miles example. You mentioned that the River flows across the top-left. Is there any way that Total Magnetic Field can be over-lain on to the corresponding Topography so we can see the surrounding geographical features such as Rivers, Creeks, Benches etc. ? Reason being is that I would be interested to see if the Pinks / Purples and to a lesser extent the Reds, are in any way connected to the Hydrology of those 9 Sections.


More questions later.



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