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Chris.  I understand the need for any business to protect its source of revenue and your main source is advertising dollars.  I understand the form is not a place to advertise your own product or services.  You have a fine magazine and I am not knocking it.  I love reading it each month.

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I like the idea of "Hard Rock On The Cheap" and think one of you more knowledgeable guys should do an article on how it might be done.


Just a few years ago, it seemed like it was pretty hard to find a mini impact mill offered.  I have one made many years ago called a Cyclone-Z.  I believe it was made by a guy named Hansen.  Today, there are a multitude of small impact mills out there starting at around $400 without motor.  Some of them are advertised in the ICMJ and some you can find just searching the web.  I don't know which of the newer offerings to recommend.  It would be nice to hear from actual users of these small mills.

As far as discussing brands, that seems to be ok here, but links to products is viewed as advertising.  I'm fine with that.  We do need to be able to discuss specific equipment, including brands.

I also have a mini jaw crusher.  It's about a 3"x3".  Sure beats sizing ore down manually.    I found it on ebay back in 2012 made by Golden Manufacturing Co.  out of Oregon.  I don't think they are in business anymore and I don't know of anyone today making a similar product here in the U.S.  Mine was under $300 and after buying a new electric motor and all the rest of it, it came to about $750.  I think that qualifies as a cheap jaw crusher.  Yes, you should screen after your primary crush and doing that manually is a p.i.t.a., but the bright side is that if your jaws are set close enough, you are actually crushing a percentage of your material fine enough to run that to recover values.  Of course, oversize goes to the impactor.

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Good point.

Part of what I was emphasizing is that today, there are a remarkable number of small impact mills available on the market - made in the USA.  I don't believe many of these were available 10 years ago.

These small mills can get the little guy into processing hard rock ore quite inexpensively.  Processing on the ultra, small-scale may only yield enough to just cover equipment and gas, but that's sometimes all placer mining covers.


What I find interesting is there is not a corresponding number of U.S. made mini jaw crushers to accompany these impact mills.  It seems like there is a gap that needs to be filled.  


I would also like to see a more affordable wave table offered.  From what I can gather, the wave table is perfect for small batch processing - more so than the shaker table, which prefers a steady flow and larger volume of material to work properly.  

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I find it odd that in this discussion of small mills, nobody mentions stamp mills.

Or perhaps I am just an anachronism?

Perhaps they are too cheap?

Couldn't be the noise because you every listen to an impact mill?

Stampers don't require a lot of power.

Most of the framework can be made on site by the operator/owner.


Might someone enlighten me?


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