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I wanted to mention the rainbow 3 anomaly though. It is 2 1/2 miles down Ganes Creek from Baumeister Bench on the west side of Ganes Creek.


Here's the geophysical signature: (courtesy Alaska DNR DGGS GPR2011-2)




This is a deep non-magnetic, low resistivity anomaly.



 Ok so, from my new understanding... The Low magnetic resonating area (the rainbow 3 colored) is characteristic to a gold lode because it  is a deep non-magnetic anomaly. This is because gold doesnt produce an magnetic signature? Not meaning that there is gold there, but the likelyness of precious metals ?

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So then, Quartz carries no electrical current vs gold that carries electrical current well. Which is not the same with Magnetite and Gold. Where as Magnetite will absorb an electric current, and gold conducts it . So any material that obstructs electricity ( High Resistivity ) Makes it more difficult to locate gold. I think!

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