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Darrell D

Recovery Rates For Hydraulic And Ground Sluice Mines

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In reality... Miners have nothing to gain by sharing. They never tell anyone what they make. They don't loan tools or help you do your work. Most miners are solitary. Mining is not a "social experience". If you ask - you get a reply that suits the occasion.


Finding lots of Gold? Standard reply: "Nope... Just barely payin' for fuel."


- Geowizard

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Hi all

I would like to thank you all for the interesting replies to my question. I would also like to tell the whole story behind the question. Last winter, while I was trying to research an area that I am interested in, I came across a report from 1988 done by a company that had done some testing in said area. The results were very good according to the Geologist that did them (2 grams per yard in some spots).

So I tried to find other info about the site and found a government report from 1906 that stated," two men have been ground sluicing the cut and have found 12 ounces of gold from 900 yards of gravel, an average of .25 cents a yard". They then set up a hydraulic mine which ran for two years, but couldn't make it pay, the reason I heard, was the gold was to fine to be caught in a hydraulic mine at a rate that pays.

Anyway, I am not really interested in the tailings, I believe that there is still some ground there that has not been mined. Next month I hope to go up there, when the snow is off, and see what I find.





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