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Darrell D

Melting Your Own Gold

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  Sell it to whom ?  General public or to a refinery?


 Geo pretty much covered it. I would not bother unless you are talking large amounts being



 To me the greatest benefit would be alleviating the "melt loss" issue when selling to a refiner.

As Geo suggests.


 I have heard many miners complain about how they felt "screwed" by such and such refinery

because the 100 ounces of raw placer turned into 85 ounces of saleable product after melt.

  No one likes to see the melt loss figure !


 I choose to keep mine in raw placer form. Allows me the flexibility to sell in a variety of markets.

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When to use a refiner, or melt your own gold is a call you make for yourself. The more gold you have to send to the refiner, the lower the cost per ounce you are charged. Melting your gold does not give you more gold, but allows you to find out the melt loss for yourself. Melt loss occurs because placer gold contains small amounts of quartz, iron oxides, rock, etc. When melted, the waste rock goes into the slag and is separated from the metallic gold alloy.

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