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Desert (Dryland) Placer Mining Equipment

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What type of commercial equipment is available for desert/dryland material processing?

I have seen 151 drywashers ganged together and that looks interesting.

I have also looked at some of the Goldlands equip .if I get back to WA this summer I want to visit their mfg facility. Seems strange to be looking at desert equip in western WA. Anyone here have experience with Goldlands? And I am not affiliated in any way.

I am investigating this idea and would like to reduce the handling of raw material as much as possible. Also I would want to reduce the size of the crew necessary for safe efficient operation.

Please share your thoughts and experience. Thanks,

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Last year I was able to get a copy of Karl von Mueller's "Vibrating Gold Concentrators" through the inter-library loan system.


I think, just think due to little experience with dry placers, that the concept bears further testing.


Basically think of his idea as a sluice with a vibratory sander mounted underneath. The riffles are standard but not too high (think as high as the gold is in size). The slope is modest. The vibration must be strong enough to keep the material fluidized.


Higher SG material sinks into the space between the riffle and the lower SG material flows over the top of the riffles and down the sluice. Because of the low vertical energy component, dustiness is minimized. A small, localized, dust cloud in the middle of nowhere draws attention.


To increase the capacity, I thought of the basic 1st layer of a Reichert Cone concept. Feed classified material into the center and have riffles diametric all the way to the edge where the light SGs drop off. The cone becomes a tapered, all the way around, sluice. With the increasing diameter, you get riffle capacity. It'll hold a lot more of the higher SG material resulting in fewer clean-outs per operational period.


How to feed and classify?


How about an upside down cone with the near center screened and the very center a larger diameter plastic pipe feeding the oversize downhill and off the structure. Same vibratory used for the cone sluice and the classifier. The feed could just as easily be a conveyor. Even as basic as something along the lines of the Sam Radding design.


For power?

Why not electric?

Several economic and quiet generators on the market.


Will it work?

With tuning, I think so.

Something beats the snot out of nothing.

BUt I say again, I have minimal experience with dry placering.



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Thanks Eric. I will attempt to find a copy of the book. I will study what you propose so I can grasp your ideas.


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