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Jim Rattlesnake S

Mining Claim Lease Or Rental In Alaska

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Back in 1980 there was a Gold rush in Alaska and else where, as the
price of gold hit over $800 an ounce. I and 3 friends went to Alaska to
spend the summer mining for gold. Researching at the BLM in Anchorage it
seemed pretty much everything accessible by vehicle was claimed up. One
lady had staked 900 claims. After piddling around some public areas for
a while, we made a deal with a claim owner to work one of his claims.
His cut was 20% of what we found. It worked out well, as we found 27
ounces one week with our Keene super 4" dredge.

My question to those in Alaska is, are there any claim owners willing to do that this coming summer?

Thanks in advance for your replies!


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jrs most of that kind of ground has been worked with that kind of access   there might be some remote ground that rich

good luck doug Wasilla alaska

Where we worked wasn't real easy access. We had to cross a couple of creeks and the water was pretty high.

Of course that was 35 years ago. Maybe I'd be better off finding something in the lower 48 closer to home.

Thanks for the reply.


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