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"creature From Jekyll Island" And Hard V. Soft Money

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Hi, Everyone,


I’d like to let you know about a book, Creature from Jekyll Island, I recently read that I believe beats all others on the subject of hard v. soft money. The book describes how the Federal Reserve System was created 100 years ago and the many subsequent consequences. Originally published in 1994, it’s been reprinted 32 times and each new edition is kept current. The book is 600 pages long and very thorough.


This is my one-sentence summary of the publication. The book, Creature from Jekyll Island, reveals how big money and banking, which include but are not limited to the Federal Reserve System alone, exercise control over government policy creation and decision making to the detriment of freedom and the value of our money.


I started reading the book because I was curious about what is really happening when sovereign banks, the FED, the IMF, the World Bank, etc. bail out countries like Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain and so on.  I got my answer and much more.

I’m including snapshots of the book’s front and back covers with this posting, too. I hope you find the read as worthwhile as I did.



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