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Gold Mirror Test For Gold

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Years ago I read about a halogen leach mirror test to detect gold in the field. It used iodine dissolved in a alcohol and water mixture to leach gold from a ground up sample of rock. the leachate was then evaporated on a pyrex watch glass using a bunsen burner, If gold was present a gold mirror would form. I am interested in getting detailed information about how to perform this test in the field. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated,.


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I have to admit its not one familiar to me, but as you described it, the method would be what they call a qualitative rather than quantitative test. That means it tells you if gold is present, but not how much.

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Basement Chemistry for the Prospector;


Dr. A. K. Williams created a website devoted to understanding chemistry for prospectors. The website is/was called "Prospectors Paradise". www.prospectorsparadise.com


The website contains many useful and informative pages including a page on "Halides". Although it doesn't address this topic directly, it will help in understanding the chemical process involved in using Iodine to extract gold.


My understanding is that Doc Williams suffered a fatal concussion as the result of a fall in his home. He should long be remembered as a great writer that brought chemistry to a level of understanding for the average prospector.


- Geowizard

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