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Eric N

No To Dredging And No To Steelhead

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California USA doesn't exist anymore. It's beyond stupid, it's killing itself.


Someone with a 4" dredge should be able to dredge anywhere. It's good

for the fish, they love it and feed on the stuff you stir up.


California should be paying 4" and under dredgers for the benefit they provide.



Any restriction debate should be on large dredge operations.

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This is just one of thousands of programs to destroy CA and ultimately the US. These socialist began their work over 45 years ago by infiltrating the public school system and now have 4 generations of indoctrinated mush supporting and/or running all facets of our government. Add to this the importation of multinationals with no regard of our culture and this is what you get.    

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It eventually ends, badly though, when the false economy crashes. The fed can't keep

buying US bonds from banks with journal entries on the bank's books forever. The house

of cards will come down and when it does people, even the current lefties will understand

what has been taking place at the fed level and there will be a lot of hate.


In fact the lefties will be the most hateful.


This hate will be the new direction of the country.


Eric Hoffer in "The True Believer" writes about this transition as it happens in mass movements. 


Things are going to be getting a lot worse as this all plays out.   

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