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I thought it was a great video as well. So I uploaded the video to a host of sites and it received great support. It had something like 300 views in a few hours. I received numerous emails and comments all in support of the video, then on the GPS site someone starting saying that the video was over the top and that we just need to all get along and all we need is a seat at the table bla bla bla.. In his next comment he suggested that I was promoting violence... The people over at GPS are really good guys and they informed me that they had to take it down; not because of the content, but where I posted it which was linked to the front page of the site. It was becoming a unsightly argument on the GPS front page so everyone saw all the bickering. I was in agreement with GPS and they instructed me to repost in a blog or forum that wasn't connected to the front page. I can't say enough about the GPS guys. They handled it respectfully and it's now back up here and on GPS. However, the GPEX Canadian Gold Prospectors site banned me without notice. I started receiving several PMs from the Canadian miners expressing their support and informing me how screwed up Canada was but were too afraid to post publicly. There were several more that posted openly their disdain for the Canadian regulations and the next day I was banned.  The Australian's over at Prospecting Australia flipped out and told me to put it back up and "screw the greenies" They are great people and I've learned a lot about Australia and how they mine. So the only way to remove the link was to delete the video and re-upload it with a new url.  I also spoke with Shannon at AMRA and he also loved it, to be safe I sent it to one of my attorneys and he confirmed I was on firm ground. Geezzzzee.

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