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Merriam Webster has a different definition between ditches and canals, hence there is a reason, that manmade waterways, used to supply water for a field or a mine, is called a ditch.


Manmade waterways that are used for transport [like the Erie Canal] and and watercourses that allow water to leave a field is called a canal.


I would think a wizard would have enough sense to go look up the definition of canals, if he did not know what he is talking about when he started a "thread" on canals.


Maybe start another thread on canals.  The Erie canal is a topic I like.

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I was going to put up links to the definition of canals and ditches, but then I realised, that it would it only make me look like a fool.


What stopped me was, I remebered an antectdote I read somewhere , having something to say about becoming a fool when you argue with a fool, or something like that.


I am done making myself look like a fool with you. On this subject anyway.

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