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Small Scale Prospecting

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What could you tell me about modern drilling a 12" to 16" deep hole in limestone and I will need to get it to a remote location.

and also what explosives to use and handling in Arizona?


Or where I could look for info on Az. about storage/handling laws?

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Quit acting like a 14YO camped in your parents basement looking for something to post to Wiki.

38 posts and you have only been a member since 31 Aug 2015.


You asked about drilling a 12"-16" hole in limestone.

You got the cost-effective answer and then went on a rant.

He could have just as easily suggested a single jack.

Either would be an acceptable answer.


I may not always agree with geowizard, but I've found much of his stuff usable.

And though at times he irritates me, he writes for those who have little knowledge and experience.

Your question about drilling indicates that you are among those who fit the above sentence.

And when you didn't get the answer you wanted, you resorted to name-calling and arguing.

A classic case of the ignorant arguing about what they don't know anything about.

Are you a Democrat by chance?


I was raised to believe that anything worth doing was worth doing right.

That is still the mantra of deep pockets.

I have found that anything worth doing is worth doing just good enough.

It is through experience that one learns the difference between good enough and not good enough.

Good enough is usually the most cost-effective.


By the way, how have you contributed to this forum's body of knowledge?

You asked a question and got an answer.

Then you demean the person who answered your question.

I can say with absolute certainty that I will not answer any queries posted by you.

I don't need that kind of aggravation.



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