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Reno Chris

California Summer Gold - Digging In The Right Places

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So when you run your detector in the right places, this is what you can find: Its the gold I've been getting in various locations in Plumas and Sierra counties in July, August and early September - just going out and prospecting for a few days at a time. I figure I'm probably out digging about 1/3rd of the time. This is just from my detecting in CA - it does not show about a half ounce of fines and small bits from some days of dry washing nor does it show the gold I have detected in Nevada.

All of this gold was detected using either Minelab's GPZ 7000 or the SDC 2300 - I find I am using both. I use the GPZ in areas with more open country and little in the way of trash, and the SDC 2300 when I am in trashy areas. The SDC does not have iron discrimination, but its faster to pinpoint and get the trash out of the ground when you are digging a lot
of targets and you may find multiple trash targets in a single swing of the coil. I have used the GPZ in what were once trashy places after the trash has been cleaned out.The two make a great team.

The largest nuggets across the top are 0.52, 1.10 and 0.41 troy ounces from left to right. Finding these big guys was very exciting - though every one is a joy to discover.


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