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Reno Chris

Low Gold Prices - Disaster Or Opportunity For Large Mining Companies?

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I read this on another website:


Amid all the speculation about whether the market has hit bottom or not, there is a significant pool of resource investors (and entrepreneurial miners) who view the current climate as a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’, provided your business is positioned right.

I know some good claims have come open recently and if gold stays down, it will only get better.

The time to acquire good claims is when the market is down, the time to sell is when its high. The market is down now, and who knows if it will be the bottom, but if you have the finances, now is the time to acquire good properties. If gold stays down for 2016, next fall will be even better.


SO are you all positioned for opportunity or for holding on?

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Are you talking about mining claim speculation and promotion?  That is one aspect of mining claims that some are able to make big money on.  


The low on PM prices may be in, but there could still be a little further downside for a final, defeating blow. 


Picking up good mining claims to work on a small-scale at this time makes sense to me.  The ridiculous dredging ban in Ca (headed for Or and Wa) has caused small-scale miners to drop claims.  This seems to have brought down the price of mining claims in Ca. and opened up some ground for locating.  


I'm holding onto my claims as I intend to mine the mineral deposits they contain. 

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