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End Of Commodities Bear Market

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This financial analyst, Larry Edelson, believes the bear market in commodities, and in gold specifically, is coming to an end. For the last four years and throughout all the rallies, Larry has maintained that the price of gold was in a bear market; he cautioned the price of gold was going much, much lower. Edelson now advises that commodities in general will bottom (individually) during the next 5-6 months, after which time a new bull market will follow, which Edelson thinks will last into 2020.



I have followed Larry during the last four years from the sidelines, as the cost of his advisement service is much too pricey for the likes of me. All that time, his mantra never wavered, “Don’t buy gold now.” Gosh, was he criticized for that.

As for me, I think Larry’s announcement is good news for all of us who follow the price of precious metals. He has been spot on for the last four years, and I am cautiously anticipating his winning streak will continue.



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Here is Edelson’s gold commodity update:  gold’s price is now correcting as expected its first leg up. Weekly support at $1201-ish with major support at $1168.  What happens in this first pullback is very important.  If gold retreats to $1168, it’s a tremendous buying opportunity. If $1168 holds, the next leg up will see gold soar.


Ditto for the price of silver, but more volatile price swings.


Expect mining shares to decline sharply, but will take off with vengeance if $1168 holds.

The commodity oil is in a trading range after its advance from a low price in the $20’s, but the next major move is expected to be a breakout to $50.


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