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Drawing A Claim Map

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Just curious how people do theirs. I've been using Google Earth but it occurs to me that there may be something specific to mining out there. I'd love something that allowed me to drop a 1500' x 600' rectangle onto a map and move it around until I had it how I wanted it! Does that exist?

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Try Qgis. It can handle any mapping project and it's free.


Google Earth is very inaccurate and doesn't use equal area projections. There is no effective way to draw an accurate rectangle much less determine compass direction and distances (metes and bounds) which you will need to make a proper lode claim. Google Earth is great for looking over an area before you go there but it's not adequate for describing land areas.


Qgis is not specifically for claims maps but it does the job great. It's the core program used in all high level mapping today. Did I mention it's free? :D



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