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Steve Herschbach (Inactive)

Gold Price Crash

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I bet the saudi's are lined up at the vending machines in Dubai. Just like kids in a candy store!


GOLD is still GOLD.  :)


Sovereign debt is coming home to roost. Cyprus is selling off gold to get cash for depositors! Japan will be doing the same!


Gold is on sale!


Investors are eyeing Gold Diggers! It's in the news today on Bloomberg. NOBODY can produce gold for less than we can! :)


- Geowizard




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Besides my mining interests, I buy and sell coins on a small scale.  Thus the daily price of gold and silver are something I watch closely.  Since gold has begun to decline, there have been very few, American gold coins for sale except jewelry quality and those of greater numismatic value.  There is group of investors across the nation that have bought common date American gold as an investment and a hedge against inflation.  As of yet, none of these individuals have returned to the market to sell their coins.  But there are lots of buyers for those coins at coins shows.  



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