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Reno Chris

Bedrock Sniping for 2017

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Well, the winter of 15-16 was expected to produce lots of flooding, but turned out to be a bust as far as big rains were concerned. However it looks like 2016-17 has had some flooding sufficient to move gold around, 

I'm getting ready for a good season of sniping this summer - how about you all? What are you doing to get ready?

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Decided to pull a claim, working slate bedrock in seasonal creek for obvious reasons this year.  Area was worked in the 1850's but not during the 20's based on stacked rocks / trash. Have over 1000 ft of creek to work plus hilltop with quartz seams.

Only been metal detecting since I began chasing au in 2012 so all new to me. Watched videos put out by Two Toes on YouTube, very good information.

Able to crevice or snipe. Picked a slate seam to work  just above the current water level so still has some water in it as I clear out the debris. Using new crevice tool and bulb sucker. 

Can't get URL to load images. Less than .01g I would guess, nice looking gold.

Worked a section about 3' feet long. Unsure if larger gold is still in there but the size of the sucker tube prevents getting anything larger than 1/4" out.

Have mix of fresh gold and some old gold, mostly fresh. Plan is to go across streambed to check for same on other bank to determine where to look upstream for source of new gold.


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