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Reno Chris

First Nugget this year

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I got out to do a little metal detector prospecting in California Tuesday, and got my first nugget of 2017. I've not done any prospecting for months and this was the first time I'd been out prospecting this year.  It's been a rough past few months. Some of you may know the story of why, my mom has been ill and passed away a couple weeks ago. So I decided this would be a good time for me to get out and to take my dad as well for a short day trip to get away from things for a few hours.

It was tough ride to get over the hill into California even on a dry and sunny day - I80 westbound has been closed most of the last few days and they were diverting westbound car traffic at Hwy 20 and holding westbound trucks at the state line. For a short time they has one lane westbound open and we made it through during that time. A small section of a hill just east of Alta is just sliding down on the freeway like toothpaste. Caltrans clears off what flows onto the road and then more flows down. We were also in a stop and go traffic jam from mogul  - just west of Reno - to nearly the state line as NDOT did emergency repairs on the Nevada side. However, once I made it in, it was a beautiful sunny day. In the gold country, I could see the rivers are all running high and water is flowing down every little drainage. I saw a lot of little mud and rock slides and places where erosion has done damage to the roadways. It was also very green in the lower elevations of the gold country as all the grass and little plants are springing to life. It's still full on winter here around Reno because of the colder weather.

I-80 west is finally open this morning, but the next round of storms arrives tomorrow (Thursday).

I dug a lot of little bullet frags and bird shot, but it was great just to get out and stretch my legs. I think the little nugget I dug was about my 5th target. It weighs 0.2 grams. Not much but it is gold and now I have something in my bottle for 2017. I have to begin somewhere!



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