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Chris,  I’m not sure which one of the chlorites it is but I am told it contains the following: Copper, gold, silver, pgm’s and rhodium.
I’m also told that the only way to recover these is to use a silver nitrate solution. It first has to be pulverized to 350 to 400 fine before being concentrated .                                                               Are you familiar with a process like this? I am setting up a small pilot plant.

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Gary - I think there is some miscommunication here. I have no idea what you are asking, and I am kind of thinking you are not very clear on it either. Chlorite is a mineral which does not contain precious metals. Chlorides are a group of minerals, but the only ones you might see in an ore are silver chlorides, the mineral name of which is Chlorargyrite. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chlorargyrite

Other precious metals do not form mineral chlorides because they are water soluble.
I know of no process which extracts precious metals using silver nitrate.
Pulverizing to more than 350 mesh is a mistake, and will cause lower recover of metals rather than more. You should not crush that fine.

So the whole thing is pretty muddled and maybe you could start fresh and tell us in detail what you have and what are wanting to do,

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