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Aeromags For Livingood Quad, Ak

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So, I went down to the USGS and found that Livingood is available but in Open Files, so they don't keep them on file. I went and tried to pull the report for Arlis, but the section was missing. I assume someone already had them somewhere. I don't suppose any of you guys would have a copy ?  If I find it first I'll post here that I found it!





Oh, I think I found it here: http://www.dggs.alaska.gov/pubs/quad/livengood Yay google....

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Now what?


30 Million gold seekers turned over every rock twice over the past 100 years.  This year, 2 million more will repeat the effort. A few will write a report and publish it.


The mining property available around Livengood looks about like the Comstock lode looked in the late 1800's. It's been pretty well settled! :)


- Geowizard



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