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Activated Carbon

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I need some advice - I am going to batch leach some milled ore samples and plan on using AC to capture the values.  Instead of stripping the AC I was wondering if it can be smelted, maybe with a bit of litharge as a collector and some borax to slag off contaminants.  I understand the carbon can be “ashed” in an electric muffle furnace at 650 celsius for 6-8 hours (I don’t have a muffle furnace) and thinking a gas furnace or torch (which I do have) might create too much wind and either volatilize the microscopic gold particles and/or blow the particles and ash out of the pan - hence the smelting question.  I’m talking about a handful of AC per batch.       

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Yes, the ash can be treated with Litharge and the contained gold captured like in a fire assay. A process of cupellation will then free the gold from the lead. As you say that requires incineration and you definitely dont want something like a torch which will then blow away all the gold bearing ash, leaving you with nothing.

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