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Need name of older mining equipment mfr in Labec, CA

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I'm trying to identify two pieces of equipment, a Jaw Crusher and an Impact Mill. Both were made by a mfr operating in vicinity of Frazier Park, CA back in the late 1960's to 1970's. Mfr used alum foil type nameplates and they have weathered off. The color of both is navy-blue. All of the construction was from steel plate, bar &/or rod, welded together, with no cast parts. As I remember it the mfr made other stuff, like shaker tables with fiberglass decks, force amalgamators, hammer mills, etc. He also did custom ore sample milling demonstrating his shaker tables and mills. He had to have been in in his late 50's, or older, when I visited one time in middle 70's.

Can any of you old timers remember that far back to help me? He might have (read that probably did) run ads in California Mining journal when it still had a yellow cover. Does the CMJ have a morgue going that far back, or any body that might have old copies from that time frame that might have his ads?

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