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Hi all,

I am a newbie miner on my first season bulk testing my two adjoining claims that are under one SMES. I have a proposed plan operations (working on) that I am getting ready to submit to the DEQ  and Forest Service here in western Montana. I made a miscalculation on the historical dredge results of the ground I am on. I thought that the gold values were $20  p/oz in 1947 but just found out they where $34.71 p/oz. This puts my estimated ground averages at $7.70 per yard (Historical dredge results at $17 cents per yard in 1947). I have a minimal outfit, 2 people, one 12 ton excavator and a 10 - 15 yph trommel that has a water recycling system and sand screw. I have done the math a few times and it seems that this ground might be too lean - bringing in around 1/2 oz per day for and 8 hour day. Without going into to many details about my plan (which I am willing to do), am I out of my mind?


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