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Oh my gawd, right out of my brain and out through your mouths! Almost everything said above is right in line with my thinking while being filmed in GL last summer. Of course I can't say such things due to a confidentiality agreement that protects the 'third-party production crew' [as ignorant as they are about mining-science-life in general], as well as discovery communications llc and animal planet's behind the scene secrets.


Steve62, budgets must be seriously "padded" for the lush champaign parties, extra [read unnecessary] travel, and better accommodations for the *gold rush* production crew!

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I see in the latest Episode this weekend that the Hoffman Crew have just run dirt for two weeks in Guyana and didn't turn up a single flake.


We miners keep thinking of this show as if it were actually about mining. If it was really about the hard facts of mining, the Hoffmans would have been out the the game the first season when all the stupid mistakes they made showed that they lost their shirts, spending way, way more than they took in. In the real world of mining, you cant go many seasons spending $300,000 and taking in less than $30,000. Normally one and you're done, because real miners have to make a profit or at least break even.


But this is an entertainment TV show, and although they demonstrated they don't know diddly squat about mining, they got surprisingly good ratings!


You are surprised they ran dirt with no gold? Surprise! They have to run something - its a TV show. They are paid to produce some footage, so they gotta do something! Otherwise Discovery ain't gonna pay them. So they will run dirt with little or no gold, get sidetracked on equipment breakdowns, get involved with interpersonal drama, etc. - whatever it takes for the TV show!

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