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    Yes Sampson. Unfortunately the desire for advertising fees by this Journal trump open discussion about specific equipment (brand names and models disclosed) that we have or may consider buying. What is needed is a Consumer Reports for Mining Equipment where equipment costs, benefits, advantages, dis-advantages, recommendations, testimonies can be openly discussed and information exchanged between miners.
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    Chris, that's understood and thanks for the explanation. I hope that Sampson Resources comes back. Decades ago I lived in what was then a small town with no radio station (Mammoth Lakes, CA). One of the local residents went to great expense and effort to get the proper equipment and licenses to start a station. After literally years went by he was finally all set up and ready to Rock 'n Roll. However, it turned out that advertisers wanted to decree what type of music the station played. So, he was faced with the choice of going out of business after all his effort, or playing what the advertisers wanted, which was very close to elevator music. Unfortunately it's the old case of who has the gold makes the rules and the advertisers have the gold. About the no advertising rule, it's a little bit vague. Advertising to me means a link to a product or service that I'm profiting from. In the recent case, I think he was just pointing out a product that he had no connection with, although there may be advertisers who sell similar products and this was a conflict. Maybe the rule could be re-worded to make it more specific and clear. Bob