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  1. This mine is not the typical large pit type in Nevada. http://elkodaily.com/mining/golden-veins-fire-creek-mining-high-grade-ore/article_921de618-2fda-5541-918a-c69195b3121f.html
  2. How deep can one reasonably expect to drill with an auger?
  3. He might be in AK mining. Ron
  4. Ronald C

    Extract Mercury From Gravel!

    Interesting. What is inside the box? Ron
  5. Ronald C

    Melting Your Own Gold

    Mr. Hammond, at what amount would it be better to take it to a refiner as melted? What are the other markets if that is polite to ask? Thank you, Ron
  6. Ronald C

    Finished The Shaker Table

    That looks very well made! Ron
  7. Ronald C

    Moore Creek Geology

    GeoWizard, I tried to send you this link via pm about Moore Creek in the pas,t but I don't think it worked. Ron http://www.keturi.com/tt/chapter-1
  8. Ronald C

    Epa & Chicken, Ak

    Thanks.Human trafficking sounded pretty hard to imagine. Gas is probably more valuable in the area. I am not an Expert on Alaska, but I have spent a few months around Chicken and Forty Mile.
  9. Ronald C

    Epa & Chicken, Ak

    With all due respect John, human trafficking and drug labs in Chicken was a ludicrous excuse to show such force while checking water quality. I agree there is crime everywhere, but there are simply not enough people for the human trafficking trade. Chicken, even on the Taylor highway, is just too remote for a drug lab. It would be possible, but a bad decision business wise. I don't think those guys are all dumb. There would be much better isolated places nearer population centers (markets for illegal drugs) such as....northern California.
  10. AuHunter, as a long time, and grateful reader of Steve's posts, I think there is a big misunderstanding here. Steve has been a huge supporter of mining for literally decades. Perhaps you may have heard of Alaska Mining and Diving Supply? He was a co-founder, did,and does much for the small mining community. Ditto for metal detecting folks. I would hazard a guess that many others here, like myself, did not respond to your your original post because we are primarily hobbyists, prospectors, dredgers, and recreational miners who have jobs in other industries and have to settle for doing this on our free time.Living in WI, I have to travel to California or Alaska when I have the funds and time. We do not have the answers to your problem. I wish I did as that guy trespassing your claim and others is dangerous. Others, who I have followed on the internet for years, such as Geo, Chris, Dick,and Steve all support mining, and have decades of experience as real miners. These men are the real deal. I am always happy to read and learn from their posts here and elsewhere. I hope you find a solution and share it as I am sure others are looking for it also. Good luck, Ron
  11. Ronald C

    Corn Flake Nugget

    Great job! Ron
  12. I would start with a gold pan, shovel, and my copy of this book: http://www.amazon.com/Fists-Full-Gold-Chris-Ralph/dp/0984269207/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1371152283&sr=8-1&keywords=chris+ralph I have read quite a few and this is the best. Have fun! Ron
  13. Ronald C

    Gravel Transport

    When do you think they will pass laws against spring snow melt and flooding? Fishing should be outlawed if they really think dredgers harm fish.
  14. Ronald C

    Gravel Transport

    Sorry to deliver bad news, but this looks like the end of this method. http://www.sacbee.com/2013/06/07/5480308/calif-takes-step-to-close-gold.html
  15. Ronald C

    Gravel Transport

    I think you will find the information here. http://www.goldgold.com/ Ron
  16. Ronald C

    Pyrometallurgical Refining

    This is probably a dumb question, but what does the borax do?
  17. I am going to hope for 2k by October. Ron
  18. I thought others might find this of interest. If it is correct it would set a floor on gold prices, right? http://seekingalpha.com/article/1060301-the-price-of-gold-is-headed-much-higher-here-s-why Ron
  19. Thanks for the heads up. Ron
  20. Ronald C

    Mining Based Reality Tv Shows

    Chris, I think you should consider a show called Celebrity Prospecting. Each week you could take a celebrity to a different and challenging environment. Think of the ratings and $$$ if you were attacked in Alaska or Australia by a wild Lohan or Kardashian! Your wife might object though. Ron
  21. Ronald C

    Last Summer in Alaska

    I will put some here as soon as the lakes melt. It's in my friends barn. It is a sevtec vanguard. Much less to build then the one you looked at. They have pictures at sevteckits.com (hope that is ok to mention here). It was not too hard. My son did the welding. I will take a lot of pictures this year. Ron
  22. Ronald C

    Last Summer in Alaska

    I am getting back to Alaska this summer after missing out last year due to too many obligations and needing to build a hovercraft. Set for this year so I will be on the 40 mile for 5-6 weeks. Not long enough though.
  23. Ronald C

    Wash plant for mini excavator

    Chickenminer and Chris, Thanks for the information. I learn a lot from your experience. I will just be dredging a bit in the summer for the next 4-5 years, but this knowledge will be useful when/if I take the next step. Ron
  24. Ronald C

    Wash plant for mini excavator

    I think the M50 on this page looks like it might be good, but I am afraid to know what it costs. There is a picture of it in the back of a pickup yet it looks like it could handle large material. Ron http://www.goldwatchproject.com/