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    Dawson City detecting

    Have an opportunity this summer to detect tailings and bedrock at a large placer operation outside of Dawson City. Their wash plants screen at 5/8" and 3/4". Dawson City from my understanding has pretty fine gold. Obviously I am looking for nuggets. Does anyone have any knowledge of nuggets in tailings or perhaps in bedrock up there? What about nuggets in feeder creeks? Thank you for any info.
  2. Hey Steve, been following you for years, appreciate you sharing your knowledge. I have an opportunity this summer to travel up to a placer operation outside of Dawson City. The mine's owner is going to allow me to detect his tailings which, from a couple wash plants, is screened at 5/8" and the other at 3/4". I have used a GPX 5000 for a number of years but assume I should switch over to VLF for this trip. Without wasting too much of your time could you advise me on what I might expect gold wise (gold in quartz, nuggets) and in your opinion the best way to prospect for gold in these tailings. I will re-read your articles as related to this subject. Thank you sir.