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  1. Hello, I’m new in this Forum, my name is Steffen and I’m from Germany. I’ve some Questions about Sluice Design (long and wide) then about the riffle sparks (distance and angel). Now I will explain my Plan, and I hope I will found some help here in the forum to resolve them. Were we won’t to run the Sluice there is unfortunately only fine gold to catch like fairy dust. The idea is to take from the gravel plant from the horizontal classifier, the fine sand and the throughput water because only in them is fine Gold. We would sent the “Water Sand Mix” to our machine, witch have funnel were we put more Water to the Sand that it run over the Sluice. We have about 20-30t itch hour of the Water fine Sand Mix, the thought was to work with 3 of this pump because the coast price. Then the have a high capacity 46000 l/h (12700 gallon per hour) and take only 320 watt/hour. The use of less electricity is important for us, because the amount is not so… https://www.oase-teichbau.de/oase-aquamax-eco-titanium-50000?gclid=CNyS4dv6jtACFQmdGwodKXkEFQ We would put at the funnel the out coming of the 2 pump, the water flow would be regulated with 2 water trap, one for itch pump. The pump have a sensor, when respectively one pump is out the third pump would start automatically. I thought to make the sluice between 31,5 and 34,6 inch large, and with a long of 13 food the machine would run about 8-10 hour at day the cycle of clean out is every evening. The construction from sluice, was to put 3 mm deep rubber V-Mat at all the long, over the rubber mat the first 9,5 food Miners Moos and the last 3,5 food Astro Turf. Over the Miners Moos I would put expanded metal notover the Astro Turf!?? And at last the riffles at the first 3,25 food, 8 riffles with 15 degree and the last one with more the rest of the sluice more quit about the fine Gold. Now the Questions: Must we control the incoming of the Water Sand mix to our funnel when there comes sometimes not enough sand that we put less water over the sluice and this at best with a sensor ??? Is the water volume per hour enough for the Sand ? What you think about the choice from the pump Are the dimension of Sluice OK for catch fine Gold Is the Construction inside the Sluicegood or how to make it better The high of riffles for this kind of project what is the best size, form Witch thickness I must use for theexpanded metal and form Between witch Degrees the Sluice should work for optimal results. Is the interval of clean out enough andwhat you think how many kilos of concentrate we will earn every evening. The concentrate we would let it run over self made double Jig, in the container with the metal balls there are many 1mm holes to let the water pass and like that the concentrate have 1mm size. The concentrate from Jig would one time per week over a Holman 2000 Shaker table the choice for this model was, that the same model of table is use in Germany for fine Gold and for me important less Shipping and Tax because the firma is in Great Britain. http://www.holmanwilfley.co.uk/shaking-table-products.htm If it works well we hope on a amount between 2-2,5 Oz per week I would be happy for help to find a solution how to realize this project .