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  1. Are you processing / panning the samples from the drill directly in the field or do you log and collect them in bags for offsite processing? Its good to hear that the drill / sampling results are repeatable from auger holes in close proximity. Often, then only statement on gold grades comes from counting the colors in a pan. With the time and effort spent in the field to execute the drlling, a more detailed analysis of the placer gold sample may be justified though, i.e. using an optical image analysis process, which basically replaces the observers eye vision with a systematical process, that counts gold particles, calculates their weight (and thus the gold grade) and produces data on the particle size distribution and shape. The drill sample would still have to be panned to a common pan concentrate volume (thumbsize or so) and should not contain any shiny sulfides (like pyrite), but that's normally not the case in placer deposits. The optical image analysis might be a good fit for anyone involved in professional placer exploration, i.e. drilling programs: www.higrade.tech Regards, Jonas