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  1. If the rock has gold in it, it isn't a sin to touch it more than once.
  2. David Ramey

    Using Leach On Ore For Gold Recovery

    K Rose, try here http://webpages.charter.net/kwilliams00/bcftp/bcftp.htm
  3. David Ramey

    Going Detecting All Summer Long!

    Since you will be spending more time in the field, your odds should go up. You can't find gold unless your coil is over it. Of course you already know this and it shows what I have learned from you over the years. Best of Luck and great success to you.
  4. The reason we are being told that there is no inflation is because Food and Fuel was removed from the consumer price index. They are also offsetting inflation by balancing the inflation against reduced real estate prices. Another example of creative accounting.
  5. David Ramey

    Mining Based Reality Tv Shows

    I wish those reality shows would go away and then maybe the nameless bureaucrats in Washington DC would quit making more needless regulations and permits for us to contend with.
  6. David Ramey

    Getting Started On The Forum

    I set up my account just fine with no issues. What I am having a problem with is when I log in I check the box "remember me". On other forums when you check the box "remember me" you no longer have to log in. This forum doesn't remember me. I have to log in each time I come on the forum even with the box checked "remember me". Never mind. I found the problem. It was a cookie on my computer.