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Reno Chris

Dad's First Nugget

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Hey my father goes along with me on many of my prospecting trips, and a number of you have met him, either out in the field, or at the Placerville shows and training sessions we've done. While we've found gold together dry washing, panning and sluicing, my dad had never found a nugget with a metal detector before. He had tried, but as many of you know, finding gold with a detector is not necessarily easy. Finding trash is easy, but gold - that's a lot more difficult.


So we went out to a place with some decent small gold and I gave him my gold bug 2 to give that a try, as its a detector which is good on small, shallow gold. I gave him a short lesson on how it operates and after about 5 minutes, I headed off with my Gold Bug Pro. I hadn't stepped 20 feet away when he'd got a signal and then tested it with the discriminator as I had suggested. He was using the external speaker, so I could hear - and I immediately thought - wait! that's a signal you need to dig. I spun around to say - you need to dig that, and I saw he already was, so I walked back over to help. We got it in the sorting cup and went through it together, and yep, it was his first nugget, and I got to be there. Not real large - maybe 2 grains, but it was gold, not lead or iron or something else. It was a great feeling and everyone with us congratulated him. He was the first of any of us to find gold that day! (We'd only been hunting a matter of a few minutes when he got the nugget)


Hopefully it will be the first of many - normally they get easier after the first one.


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