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Tad R

New Minelab

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Is it true, Hoping Chris or Steve have the scoop.


MineLab Jupiter GPZ-7000


goggle FCC minelab Jupiter GPZ-700


Look under the Test Report Tab.  Are they testing the MD unit or testing the wireless headphones?

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Hi everyone,

Sorry, I have been a very busy guy lately.

Chris, JP, and I made several entries on the Minelab website at http://www.minelab.com/treasure-talk which sums it up.

Here is the owners manual http://www.minelab.com/__files/f/262220/4901-0176-1%20Inst%20Manual%20GPZ%207000%20EN.pdf

And full color sales brochure http://www.minelab.com/__files/f/261752/4907-0796-1%20GPZ%207000%20Brochure%20US%20English%20(FULL%208P)%20WEB.pdf

Anything specific you want to know? Please do look over the information at the links first but anything you can't find an answer for I am happy to try and help with. Here is the answer to the biggest question. $12,495 MSRP and $9,999 minimum advertised price (MAP). Yes, it is expensive. But yes, it is the most powerful consumer metal detector made for nugget detecting on the planet.

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Both Steve and I were product testers for this new detector. At the time the original question was asked we were under a written agreement not to talk about it until Minelab made its formal release of the product. Only just recently have they told us that we are free to talk about the product.


it's strength is its depth, but you still have to be careful with that, especially when digging in locations with deep trash.I had one of these new detectors out yesterday and was using it in the Nevada desert. I got a target sound only about 30 feet from a location where had previously a few years ago found a nugget. I dug up fully two foot deep hole down to bedrock where I found about a 1 inch diameter steel pipe cap. Digging a 2 foot deep hole and filling it back in was a lot of work.

I've also dug some nice deep gold with it, but not yesterday.

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The FCC was not testing the detector, just certifying the wireless headphone system. It is almost identical to that used on the Minelab CTX 3030 but on a slightly different frequency. The CTX uses the Minelab WM10 wireless module and the GPZ uses the WM12 wireless module.

I really like the wireless audio. The WM10 and WM12 each have their own speaker and so are a remote speaker option you can clip to your belt, pocket, or backpack strap. I mount mine on my left shoulder as I have better hearing in my left ear. The module also has a standard 1/4" jack so you can use most normal metal detector headphones with the module.

Minelab is using a proprietary system that reduces the lag inherent in most Bluetooth systems. That is why it needed FCC approval versus using an already approved off the shelf design.

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